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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a pre-existing medical condition?


A pre-existing medical condition is either an illness, injury or disease that you are under treatment for, taking medication for or have suffered symptoms from prior to booking your trip.

You must disclose any relevant information to us prior to purchasing your policy so that the Insurers can consider cover.

If there are any changes to your medical conditions after purchasing your policy, these must be notified to us immediately.


2. What if my insurance documents don`t arrive in time?


If you have not received your policy in time for your holiday, you can either call or email us and we will arrange for duplicate documentation to be sent or emailed to you prior to your departure


9. What if I have a relative who has a medical condition but is not travelling?


You should disclose all material facts to us prior to purchasing your policy - this includes details of any relative who has, or develops,  a medical condition that may cause a claim under your travel policy.


10. What if I need to make a claim?


You should contact the claims number noted on your policy booklet as soon as possible. There are UK numbers and international numbers listed.

If you need our assistance in obtaining the relevant claims number, you can contact us on 01592 858386.

6. What does an annul multi-trip policy cover?


An annual multi trip policy covers multiple single trips within the period of insurance on the policy.  The maximum amount of days per trip are shown in the policy schedule.


4. What if there is a mistake on my policy?


Once you have received your policy documents, you should check the details carefully and advise us immediately should you require us to make any amendments.


7. What am I covered for?


Full details of your Sums Insured can be found on your policy summary/key facts.


8. What is my policy excess?


Your policy excess will be noted on your policy schedule next to the relevant section of cover.  Any claims made under each section will be subject to payment of the excess shown.


5. Who do I contact if I have a query on my policy?


You can either contact your Insurer direct on the customer services number on your policy booklet, or you can call our UK call centre on 0845 250 5210.


3.What if I lose my insurance documents?


You can either call or email us and we can arrange a duplicate policy to be emailed or sent to any destination.